Welcome to the CED 499B Spring Break trip to Honduras

This 1 week field trip to Honduras is intended to provide a broad overview of the many issues facing local development initiatives in rural communities. The trip will expose us to local projects and initiatives developed during the last few years in the Yeguare valley to improve the local economy and reduce extreme poverty. These changes are slow and difficult and not always with positive results. Our hope is that this trip will help provide insight into difficulties of rural development.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyone is doing well. We are healthy, happy, and learning a lot about the inter-connected factors that influence the quality of life of people.  We were able to see first-hand the problems associated with development in Moroceli.  We talked about water access and quality, watershed management, and the relationships between water and agriculture. It was enlightening and sobering.

Tomorrow we will visit Yuscaran and talk to people involved in cooperatives, including micro-enterprises, savings and loans, and a Pine resin cooperative. It should be exciting. We will update when we get back, as long as there is internet connection.  

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