Welcome to the CED 499B Spring Break trip to Honduras

This 1 week field trip to Honduras is intended to provide a broad overview of the many issues facing local development initiatives in rural communities. The trip will expose us to local projects and initiatives developed during the last few years in the Yeguare valley to improve the local economy and reduce extreme poverty. These changes are slow and difficult and not always with positive results. Our hope is that this trip will help provide insight into difficulties of rural development.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Grace Reporting
Attn: all concerned parents and family members—
We’re alive and safe!  Everyone is together and happy and having a wonderful time (as far as I can tell).  Our group, as small as it is, has such a wonderful chemistry and I feel like this week is going to be a great one.

This is my first time abroad, and I have to say I feel like I’ve been missing out.  There is nothing more exciting and at the same time peaceful as traveling; the anticipation of the unknown kept us all awake on the last leg of the overnight trip, on edge waiting for what we would find in this country.
The drive to Zamorano was my favorite part of the day.  Bernadette and I rolled the windows down, and I didn’t know how to feel.  There was something so devastatingly beautiful about the poverty.  We drove past squatters on hillsides who didn’t have sewage, and it seemed to be slums for miles.  Our driver even made us roll the windows up for safety.
Yet it was gorgeous.  This is the way these people live, and what can we really do?  And do we need to change it?  Who are we to say these lives need to change?  Needless to say, I had trouble deciding what we have the ability to influence as developers in this world.
The rest of the day was perfect.  The weather is fabulous, warm and sunny with just enough wind.  We got a tour of the campus and even went swimming.  We ended the day with a thrilling adventure involving Dave and a moto-taxi in the early part of the night.  Regardless of what he says about developing a conscience, it was still obvious he was itching for some adventure.  Our day ended with a quiet celebration of Lina’s birthday.
This university is amazing, and this week will be enlightening for each of us.  We’re all looking forward to learning how this university helps the community.
Guess what guys..  We’re in Honduras!  And we’re learning in the way we all feel is right.  Not interfering or inhibiting any development, nor instilling our values upon another group of people.  We are observing and learning and will return having met each of our goals, bringing back both memories and knowledge to share.

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  1. We are glad you have arrived safely. Happy birthday, Lina. We look forward to reading about your Honduran experiences, and especially to reading about interactions you have with the people there. Stay healthy!