Welcome to the CED 499B Spring Break trip to Honduras

This 1 week field trip to Honduras is intended to provide a broad overview of the many issues facing local development initiatives in rural communities. The trip will expose us to local projects and initiatives developed during the last few years in the Yeguare valley to improve the local economy and reduce extreme poverty. These changes are slow and difficult and not always with positive results. Our hope is that this trip will help provide insight into difficulties of rural development.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The internet is being spotty tonight.   That is one of the realities in the developing world.  We are safe and healthy. We are also tired after being exposed to more projects, programs, the sun, and the tropical breeze.

We were able to visit a factory that packages shrimp; one of the biggest industries in southern Honduras.  It brought up a lot of questions in our minds about scale, investment, and outside influence. Sometimes these issues are hard to understand.

We will update  more tomorrow. The week is flying by, filled with wonder, amazement, learning, and enjoyment. Sometimes it is hard to put into words.

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